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Speed Up Designs and Discover Client Style with AI

No more slow design. Discover styles swiftly with our AI.

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Companies that use AI Interior Design with SofaBrainCompanies that use AI Interior Design with SofaBrain

Why You'll Love SofaBrain

Before SofaBrain, you’d have to play guessing games with client styles and design changes. Navigate through complex editing software. Spend countless hours on trial and error.

Instant Style Previews

With SofaBrain, say goodbye to lengthy style deliberations. See a range of interiors come to life in an instant, no more waiting

Smart Image Tools

Forget about struggling with clunky design software. Our smart tools let you adjust images easily and effortlessly.

Custom Color Palettes

Forget about struggling with clunky design software. Our smart tools let you adjust images easily and effortlessly.


Enhance Your Listings with AI-Powered Virtual Staging

Revolutionize your property listings. Our AI-powered virtual staging tool transforms empty interiors into beautifully staged homes, creating irresistible visuals that captivate potential buyers, save you staging costs, and get your properties sold faster.

Total Control with Object Removal and Replacement

Tailor your property visuals to perfection. With our tool's object removal and replacement feature, you can customize each space to match your client's vision, demonstrating your commitment to delivering a personalized service that sets you apart in the market.

Embrace the Power of Unlimited Images

With our AI tool, there's no limit to the amount of visual content you can produce. Utilize unlimited images to offer a comprehensive view of each property, capturing every angle and highlighting unique features, so prospective buyers can explore every corner at their leisure.

How it works

Upload Your Room Image

No more wrestling with complex software. Simply upload an image and let SofaBrain handle the rest.

Select Your Preferences

Forget about blind design guesses. Pick from our wide range of interior styles and adjust AI levels to match your client's style preference.

Review and Refine

Say goodbye to endless revisions. Review the transformed space, fine-tune color palettes, and impress your clients with designs they'll love.

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